Good things do not last forever and also for my P&S film camera has arrived that moment. Alas I've lost many shots, most of them were out of focus or totally black.

It's over.


Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up [D.K.], that's the joy of an analogue day. Here are the pics in reverse order. Too lazy for white balancing and sorting them!

Btw, hats off to the guys who have restored the trail, really an awesome work!!!
[roll metered at 100 ASA].


During the winter season the mountains have plenty of snow and there are few opportunities for hiking or running so I spend my spare time running up and around in a small town, a fortress in the shape of a 9 pointed star [alas I can't fly but believe me, the town seen from above is a perfect star], and I've thought it deserved some photos. I can't hide I felt a bit foolish while I was running with the OM-1 strapped to my chest but who cares, good mood counts more than everything else.

[Shot at @80 ASA. It could be better @ 100 ASA ]. Uhm, things are getting boring without mountains photos!