Another no-nonsense wide open exposed roll.

From the cradle to the grave, 2nd world war cemetery. Requiescat in pace.

I love maple trees.

The bucolic stargate, entrance.

Where is the hare? hint: it's there!

The bucolic stargate, way out.

C'mon turn up the sun, turn it up for everyone.

semaphores vs. mutexes :)

It's always a joy to take pictures with the old Lady. [metered @ 100 ASA].

[pala fontana]

Not all those who wander and run in the mountains are lost.

[pieltinis, morganlaite]

Yay, first mountain running ever for the Yashica T5 :). I've been eagerly waiting for this 2nd roll and even if I've not achieved the results I hoped to get, I'm happy anyway. That being said the Yashica T5 is definitely the camera to carry with me in the backpack.

Down there the mt. Tinisia, aka La Cresta Nel Cielo.

Down there C.ra Vinadia

Sooner or later I'll be back up there...

Damn, these places mesmerize me every single time.