[sella prasnig, via rio freddo valley]

The iced ground squeaks and cracks as I run, birds fly overhead against a beautiful mix of cloudy & sunny skies. A couple of fearful young mountain chamoises run as fast as me :) in the thick wood, the howling wind brings some snow and news of the day. It's a new day rising in the Rio Freddo valley...

[part 1, on the way to sella prasnig beneath a cloudy and snowy sky]


After CLA service, the Olympus 35RD does not suffer from the sticky shutter syndrome anymore. Fingers crossed.

Update: still problems, sold it.


There ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to prevent us from running.


It's only because I was dead set on getting this camera. Six months ago, or so, I've found an Olympus 35 RD in mint condition at a charity flea market. A good bargain even if I realized that contrary to what the seller said me the light meter didn't work. Finally, after a long wait because of CLA the camera is ready to shoot.

A beauty beyond the lapping waves . Sooner or later I will add a roll of test before using the camera in the wild .
Update: after some shot [I've been forced to rewind the roll at 26th shot] I've discovered the camera suffers now of the sticky shutter problem [lubrication oil migrates toward the shutter leaves] so it still needs attention. I will try to fix it by myself following these tips. Joy and pain of the old cameras ;). Here are some shots before the sticky shutter problem started annoying me.

All the others were overexposed.
Update: removing the front element, as stated in the document, was very hard probably because I didn't use the right tool. I gave up and I sent the camera again for CLA :(
Update: the camera is back with the shutter leaves cleaned. The light meter has been tested again and they've said me it's ok. I'm, however, still perplexed for the latter. We'll see how it goes!