[cima valfredda]



Unfortunately the weather forecast was right.

[crode dei longerin] ♥ ♥


North peaks seen from the South one.

South peak.

South peak seen from the North ones.

Have we not all eternity to rest in? Why do you seek to rest while you are still alive?


What you do is what you get so don't be surprised by that effect.

Centenere, memories.


The joy of running over the skin of the sea when strong low tide occours. Memories of the seven seas.

Plenty of low tide [digital|film] catchers :)

[planïne ta-na rüšće, plagna]

I've always considered the Resia Valley one of the most beautiful and wild places. I'll be back for sure during late spring for shaking hands once more to Laska Plagna and Babe peaks. Today just a soft hike to discover the inner beauties of the valley, pine processionary included :/.