I've decided to use again the little Minolta Riva 75w for a project I have in mind and for the occasion here are some [unleashed] pics taken tons of years ago during gorgeous MTB rides.


Long story short, the pleasure to evoke the oldest days. Raiding your parents' closet for cool old things is a must if you're looking for unique vintage stuff :). Jokes apart I've found this old Voigtländer Brillant camera [metal body, Anastigmat Voitgar 75mm f6.3 lens, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, B]. At first glance it seemed ok but on closer inspection has revealed a very dirty lens, a sticky shutter, the zone-focus ring hard to turn and many inner mechanical parts rusty. I've searched a bit the web and I've found here and there some useful hint on how to disassemble the lens and the zone-focus ring. Since I like tinkering with these old cameras I've decided to do this by myself, come hell or high water. Here are some pics of the roll, mainly shot at f11, 1/100 [hand metered with my faithful Zeiss Ikon Ikophot light meter].

All in all it has been funny playing with this camera and I'm pretty happy of the results nevertheless I do not know if I will ever use this camera again. I shall see.


After an unusual running in the mountains in a foggy day, on the way back, I took a brief stroll around a town located in the valley of a major river.


Walking along the docks. These are all pristine scanned pics.


Running through a valley with an OM-1 in the backpack while a world in white gets underway. A dull day but very instructive for shooting film.