Enjoying the end of the year running to the summit across three nations with a camera in the backpack.


“In all my dreams it's never quite as it seems” [C.]


The other side of Akylis.


Because we are runners in the snow with a camera in the backpack.


Drooling from mt. Talm. The name of the peaks in background is left as an exercise for the readers [if any].


Unleashed memories.

From left to right: mt. Duranno, Cima dei Preti, Cima dei Frati, Punta Compol. Shot along the path to Centenere.


“Be there or be square” []

mt. Polinik & Creta di Collina seen along the path to Creta della Cjanevate.


“If people leave behind themselves their imprint, beyond the death, it is in the soul of those who have known, approached and sought them. This is the immortality of the soul I firmly believe in more than everything else” [R.G.]

Rauchkofel seen from mt. Volaia.


The OM-1 is back home after a long CLA service so here is an excerpt of the roll of test.


A pair of mountain running shoes, some water, a banana. Is simplicity best or simply the easiest?


Youth, as eternal as ephemeral.


I'm still here, sippingrunning my drink till the ice hits my lips...