[testa grande]

Trail from Viškorša + film roll, a perfect combo.


A sober awakening, a re-entry into this little sea scene.


Cheer up, for old times' sake!

[paularo, dimon]

Unexpected call from the mountains. I can't help but answer, once again by MTB, once more with the OM-1.


Synced w/ fall equinox, 22 september @ 22.02 CEST.


Doing things is the best way for improving one's own abilities and the Barman waterfall is for sure the right place where to load a roll of film in the faithful OM-1 [can't stop the dance] and start practicing. Be ready for the mountain days ;)

[schönwipfel-achomitzer, via bartolo valley]

MTB day. There is more than one way to spend a day in the mountains.

I've got my spine.


The Corbellini track has been recently revamped so what better time than now to run it all over and see what they have done?


Running through the Tuscany|Umbria boundary. We run to stand still!