[testa grande]

Trail from Viškorša + film roll, a perfect combo.


A sober awakening, a re-entry into this little sea scene.


Cheer up, for old times' sake!

[paularo, dimon]

Unexpected call from the mountains. I can't help but answer, once again by MTB, once more with the OM-1.

Best vehicle ever, YMMV.

Mt. Paularo.

Mt. Dimon.

And this is Aristotle, and if you know what the name means, you know what I mean :)


Synced w/ fall equinox, 22 september @ 22.02 CEST.


Doing things is the best way for improving one's own abilities and the Barman waterfall is for sure the right place where to load a roll of film in the faithful OM-1 [can't stop the dance] and start practicing. Be ready for the mountain days ;)

[schönwipfel-achomitzer, via bartolo valley]

MTB day, there is more than one way to spend a day in the mountains.

I've got my spine.

I've read many reviews where was stated this lens is not for landscape photography. Really?