The last run of the year in the mountains. see you next year.


I still have this wonderful camera and before giving it back to the owner I've thought it would have been a nice idea to shoot the last dusty 120mm film roll. Here is an excerpt.

[vrh planje, skutnik]

It took a bit more this time but you know, it's analog film. I'm very surprised with the results.


October, talk getting nowhere, november, december, remember we've just started again [u2].

This is the road for the mountains.

this is the last expired roll [yay] that was lying around for a long time now finally used for testing another lab I was suggested.


The simple act of watching the clouds go by. Days pass by like clouds in the sky.



Chicago seen through the glass windows of the Sears Tower. Well, I miss it!

I had many photographs of chicago but the majority were damaged by a fucking flood. Alas I do not remember the camera I used to take those pictures.