In olden times I was looking for a pocketable film camera to bring with me in the mountains and I was suggested a Minolta Riva Zoom 75w for its rather interesting wideangle lens [28mm f/3.5]. I have used it a lot and despite of its cons it has always worked like a charm for my humble needs. It's a pity to leave this camera on the shelf so I've decided to give it another try before starting to look for a wideangle lens for my OM-1 [e.g. a Zuiko Auto-W MC 28mm f/2.8 lens]. Here are some photographs taken at 28mm.

Not that bad so it's better to save money and start using what I already own in case I needed a wideangle lens. You know, the less stuff you have the better you use what you already own [and the less money you need to enjoy]. Btw, next time I will cheat the camera by modifying the DX code...

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