Long story short: my P&S film camera stopped working and I needed a new one. A stroll through the street market brought to my attention two cameras, the Olympus SuperZoom 70g and the Yashica T5 very well preserved, no scratches at all. The former for less than the price of seven cups of [morning] coffee, the latter for the price of a nice weekend in the alps for two people. With all the hype surrounding the Yashica's T-series I was tempted to buy the T5 but, damn, with that pile of money I can buy *tons* of film rolls and keep on enjoying the pleasure of taking photos [YMMV]. A great bargain in my opinion and I do not regret on having left the T5 on the small table.


You go your way and I go mine. Endlessly. [Metered @ 80 ASA].


Odds and ends of a lovely day of running in the mountains.