[furce diame]

Run, run... Even if this trail caused me a skin reaction to the thaumetopoea pityocampa [it's a terrible continuous itching around the ankles] it was worth it. Alas the pics do not do justice to this place but it's all part of the game, pityocampa included ;).


I've found an Agfa Silette Vario Type 3 (~1958) film camera equipped with an Agfa Color-Agnar 45mm f2.8 lens at the usual flea market for the price of two cups of coffee and a good cream pastry. The camera was in mint condition but the lens very dirty, with plenty of fungus. It has been very easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble the lens but, alas, something has gone wrong and the first film roll has been a total [funny] disaster...
After quite a bit of research on the net I've found some useful information on the lens: it's a 3-element Cooke triplet type and I've realized I had put the inner lens in the wrong way. Loaded soon after another roll and after a bit of suspense here is the second roll.

Yay [YMMV]! I like the mood of these pics so I will use this camera again for sure. All the pics were scanned as usual without applying any sharpening and metered via my faithful Zeiss Ikon Ikophot. Sooner or later I will add a pic of the camera. Agfa Silette Vario seen through a Yashica T5.


Leftovers. I still relish the rush of finishing the film roll.