I had read many reviews about the Yashica T5 and saw hundreds of pics. I've been always curious to try this camera but its demanded price was always higher than I was willing to spend. A few weeks ago I've contacted a seller on a photographic blog and I bought the camera for the reasonable price of 10€. It has just some slight scratches on the plastic body, the lens seems ok has a strange halo in the middle. The coat needs to be removed imo. I will make it soon. I came out downtown the next morning for shooting the first roll and in less than an hour all the exposures were gone.

I love these dull days, the best ones for taking photos in my humble opinion. I am now looking forward to loading more film rolls in the Yashica T5 and going out in the mountains [weather permitting :/], because that's the real purpose of this little gear. [metered for the shadows].