Leftovers, because I always enjoy the rush of finishing a film roll.

I have been shooting and loving film [again] for around 1 year now and yes the OM-1 is the essential gear to be used. Jane Hope Bown docet.

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Who's to say where the wind will take you?

[metered @ 50 ASA]

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The Yashica T5 needs a surgery for removing an annoying halo from the lens [I've sold the camera. Now I just hope to be lucky enough for finding another one at the same low price], therefore here I am again with the Olympus 70g camera. I was quite happy after shooting the first roll with it. With the second one things went differently. This is another humble attempt with a little variant i.e. I've put a piece of [scotch magic] tape in front of the light sensor... I do not know if this was just a lucky case but the attempt has worked. All the pics have been taken during a MTB ride.

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Another no-nonsense wide open exposed roll [part 2].

Do not forget to keep the privacy always on.

[metered @ 50 ASA].

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