1011 mbar

I feel very comfortable with them.

I've bought 10 expired rolls of this film months ago for the astounding price of 5 fingers euro, 1 wasted while I was opening the canister and 3 rolls yet to shoot. I do not mind it at all and I'm going to buy some more roll in the future.


The Yashica T5 has been a gorgeous P&S camera and I was really happy of the results but after all is said and done it was not my cup of tea as I thought so I've bartered it for a tiny black egg, the Olympus XA2. Today's the debut.

and so on... [mostly metered @ 200 ASA].
There is a slight light leaks, probably due to the deteriorated seals around the door, but it does not prevent me to take photos with the camera [until I fix it done it, I've replaced the light seals of the door. Fixed? Who knows!]. Sooner or later, as usual, I will add the pic of the black egg. And yes this camera is going to replace the yashica T5 in the mountains.