Do not throw objects through the window [if you're able to open the window].

Take a bow, Julius Kugy, footprint on the sands of time.


I had this expired™ film with a big question mark [no idea why] on the roll so I used it for fun during a short train trip that also puts the end to september.

[bilapec] ♥

An unexpected roll of 36 digital classic chrome/bw exposures just to dust off the battered Fuji.


Will he walk the long steep path? Good luck young man.

© by walker

[brentoni, west peak] ♥

Ten years ago, or so, I was enchanted by this peak, especially because it was a real fun to traverse the western dihedral that leads you to the top. Alas I've lost somewhere the few pics I took in that occasion and this is the reason why today I am here again with my loyal, tiny XA2 and two rolls of expired™ film.
[part 1, the stone]

[part 2, the grass]

I would be eager to know why the heck it has been laid a steel wire rope along the path that leads to the top... Does it make sense? All the fun is gone...