[plan dai purcei]

As I'm writing this post it's raining cats and dogs and the mountains are being covered with a thick blanket of mesmerising snow.


Even if I wouldn't dream of carrying with me this cumbersome and heavy combo in the mountains [~325g for the OM-XF adapter plus G.Zuiko AUTO-S 50mm/f1.4, Silver Nose, Single Coated versus ~90g for the XF 27mm/f2.8] I liked the idea of playing with the old lenses and the X-E2 [peak highlight or split image were my new friends]. I have to admit it did not work at first and only after I changed the "Shoot without lens" option it started working like a charm. I have to be very careful with this option enabled because the shutter can operate while the camera body is open. Here is some shot in B&W because this lens was typically preferred for it.

Yep, some shot is not well focused but it was really fun anyway. Ymmv. Btw, thanks Dree!



Down there the rilke route.


Thank God men cannot as yet fly and lay waste the sky as well as the earth [H.D.T.]. Not yet...